North Wales, Pennsylvania Family Lawyer

Family law issues can be incredibly difficult to deal with for the individuals going through them. Not only can they be complex legally and involve complicated facts, but they are highly emotional and stressful. Pennsylvania family law attorney Suzan G. Leonard understands this, and is dedicated to delivering thorough and compassionate service to each of her family law clients.

North Wales, Pennsylvania Wills Lawyer

It is important to plan ahead to protect your property and your family by having a will. To establish a binding and effective will, the language should be precise and certain formal requirements must be met. An experienced wills attorney can help you accomplish this. Call the Law Offices of Suzan G. Leonard today if you would like to discuss your estate plan or have a will drafted at (215) 699-3080.

North Wales, Pennsylvania Estate Administration Lawyer

The Law Offices of Suzan G. Leonard, P.C. focuses on the practice areas encompassing estate planning and administration. Creating an estate plan is a crucial step to take towards ensuring your end-of-life plans and your final wishes are carried out. However, it’s something that many people, unfortunately, put off. Read on to learn more about estate planning and how the Law Offices of Suzan G. Leonard, P.C. provide estate administration: