It is important to plan ahead to protect your property and your family by having a will. To establish a binding and effective will, the language should be precise and certain formal requirements must be met. An experienced wills attorney can help you accomplish this. Call the Law Offices of Suzan G. Leonard today if you would like to discuss your estate plan or have a will drafted at (215) 699-3080.

Why You Should Have a Will

When a person dies without a will, the rigid rules of Pennsylvania intestacy apply. According to these rules, certain close family members are entitled to inherit all property at the expense of all others. In many cases, these intestacy rules lead to unfair results by leaving some family members without the resources that they need or deserve.

By having a will, a person can guarantee that their property will go exactly where it should. Through a will, you can establish which family members inherit specific property, and give special gifts to non-family members or charities as well. By taking control of your estate with a will, you can ensure that your family is protected and your wishes are carried out.

Moreover, the process of probate usually goes quicker and smoother when there is a will in place. By having a will, you will thus ease the financial and time burden on your family as they go through the probate process. It is never too early to establish your will – it can always be amended or changed down the road.

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Creating a will or handling estate issues without qualified legal assistance puts you at risk. Pennsylvania estates attorney Suzan G. Leonard has helped Pennsylvania residents establish wills for nearly three decades. She handles all issues related to estate planning and inheritance, including wills, living wills, estate administration, inheritance tax return, probate disputes, and power of attorney. She uses her practice experience of nearly three decades to help her clients get legal issues resolved efficiently and effectively.

If you would like to have a will drafted, need to discuss your estate plan, or would like representation during the inheritance process, attorney Suzan G. Leonard can help protect your rights and get you the best possible outcome. Suzan has been practicing law in Pennsylvania since 1988. Contact the Law Offices of Suzan G. Leonard to schedule a consultation at (215) 699-3080 today.